All About Chortles®


We at Quaker Hill Farms had a VERY BIG DREAM! The dream was to create a Whole Grain “Mini-Mini®
Graham Snack!” We DID it; and Quaker Hill Farms has also succeeded in putting in at least 65 of our delicious Mini-Mini® Graham Crackers into each bag!

3 Varieties of Chortles

Our Unique Name

Chortles® is an odd name that came from Alice In Wonderland. To chortle means “a surprised, gleeful laugh or chuckle made WHEN you REALLY ENJOY something!” The word “chortle” has a great association with our grahams, so we kept it and trademarked it.

Chortles are Nutritious!


Today Chortles® are selling in schools in more than half of the states in the U.S. We are busy, continually expanding our healthcare presence. We are 100% compliant with our schools’ National Wellness Program. At the same time, we are also receiving more recognition as a HEALTHY and UNIQUELY DELICIOUS snack from all over AMERICA.

Chortles are Health Conscious!